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Personalized Bridal Shower Gifts

When you are getting married, there will be many different events which you will attend prior to your wedding day. There may be an engagement party, a bride's party luncheon, a rehearsal dinner, a bridal shower and even a bachelorette party. Depending upon the size of your family, there may other events held all leading up to your wedding day. All of these events will require your presence and the planning for each event should be handled by your close friends and other family members. There are different etiquettes required for each of the events and besides the wedding the only one where guests are expected to bring gifts is for the bridal shower. These gifts do not have to be large items and often include the use of small bridal shower favors.

Bridal showers typically take place at least a few weeks before the wedding but can be as much as a few months before the wedding day. During the bridal shower, the female family members, friends and bride's maid party will gather to share stories, socialize, play games and pass out bridal shower favors. Bridal shower favors are normally small trinkets and other small items and you should have guests bring enough to share with one another so everyone has their own small gift basket of items to take home at the end of the bridal shower.

Your bridal shower planner can establish a gift amount limit of a few dollars to spend on bridal shower favors in order to allow each guest to get enough favors for everyone attending. Your planner can simply matters by specifying the number of favors each one should bring. If you do not want to impose on your guests to have to bring favors for everyone, you can ask them to bring along favors to be used for different games and everyone can win a prize instead. Your bridal shower planner should handle all the planning for your bridal shower, including what games will be played, and the number of gift favors which will be needed.

Typically a bridal shower is held in the afternoon or early evening hours and is not a lunch or dinner event. You may want to have appetizers or other small snack items available. However, you should not feel obligated to have to feed an entire meal to your guests. If you use a family member to plan your bridal shower, they should never solicit bridal shower favors for the entire family as that is inconsiderate towards your guests.